The Allergy Kit – My Experience and Review

I made my original fairly-skeptical post on The Allergy Kit many months ago, but I subsequently became very busy and forgot to post my review and experience.  Sorry to those who had stumbled on post and were looking forward to a follow up.

To start off, here are some pictures of the vials and tools provided in the kit:

As you can see, the kit arrived in a neatly packed padded envelope.  The contents included:

  1. A small box containing the 7 vials outlined on the site
  2. A red laser pointer
  3. An instruction booklet
  4. A recordable progress chart

The last two pictures of the additional 4 vials were actually custom orders, and not provided in the original kit.

How it Works

First off, if you haven’t browsed around on the official site yet, it should be understood that the whole concept of The Allergy Kit is based loosely upon NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique), and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) – two things I have become quite familiar with.

The concept of NAET is fairly simple, but requires at least a basic understanding of TCM (traditional chinese medicine) theory.  Put simply, TCM theory explains that the body is comprised of meridians, those of which can be blocked due to various life stresses, which results in the blockage of energy, aka qi (pronounced chi).  NAET further expands on this concept by explaining that the root cause of these blockages are due to ‘allergies’ – which in NAET, is defined pretty much as any type of incorrect body response to something.  The concept gets pretty abstract in the sense that in NAET, you can be allergic foods, inhalants, pathogens, people, and even thoughts.

The Allergy Kit is founded on this concept of energy-blockage based allergies, and utilizes both EFT and a laser to balance the meridians on the body.  It is also incorporates some interesting ideas that I had never encountered in my 80+ sessions with NAET.

The instruction manual itself states the entire process should take around 2 weeks, though the actual amount of activity per day is only around 15 or so minutes.  It is also worth noting that there is sometimes a requirement to abstain from certain foods for 25 hours when they are being targeted.  But if you’ve ever done a candida diet before, this small challenge is a breeze.

What I think About the Concept

On a conceptual level, I totally support the Allergy Kit.  After I had exhausted all my options from Western medicine, I desperately turned to TCM for help.  After listening to the differences in approaches, I was completely sold in TCM theory.  I assume many of you have had little to no exposure to the concept of meridians and chakra, and all this energy talk might sound like mumbo-jumbo, but I suggest you at least browse over the material with an open mind.

And while from a TCM standpoint The Allergy Kit’s underlying theory is sensible, that does not automatically mean that the kit’s approach is sufficient for what it purports to do.

How it Actually Went for Me

Prior to purchasing this kit, I actually watched a course on EFT, and had attended 8 or so acupuncture sessions (traditional acupuncture though, not NAET). Because of those experiences, I believe I had a mental advantage over the typical consumer who might buy this product, as my mind was more open to treatments of this nature.

That being said…

For me, the kit simply did not help.

My original hopes were to remove my rather common food allergies, dairy and gluten, but The Allergy Kit did not seem to improve my tolerance to either.  I followed the instructions to the tee, and strictly obeyed the abstinence diet.  After finishing a first run through of the program, I then did multiple more sessions for my problem foods.  I even then purchased the custom vials that were more specific in the substances they targeted.  Still little reduction in symptoms.

My Experience with Phone Support

I actually called one of the co-founders, Herb Hoffman, a couple times for advice.  When I explained my lack of results on the first run, he offered replacing my laser for free.  My original laser worked, but seemed to be inconsistent with maintaining the strength of the laser.  I thought this offer was a very kind gesture.  I was also offered a free consultation with the other founder, Dr. Ynge Ljung, but due to my schedule, I unfortunately never took advantage of this offer. Overall, the talks I had with Herb left me with the impression that he was a pretty kind and understanding guy, and he never pressured me off the phone, despite my numerous questions. I did not ask for a refund, but I believe he would have obliged had I asked.

The Bottom Line

While The Allergy Kit did not work for me, it by no means left me with a sour taste.  I still believe that its founding principles and concepts are solid, but for whatever reason the treatment was simply not for me.  The same could be said about all forms of medications and treatments really; what works for some, may not work for others.  The large volume of testimonies and fans leaves me to believe that there are indeed success stories using this kit, but unfortunately I am not one of them.

The problem with reviews now a days is that reviews often state that what worked with them will work with you.

Did The Allergy Kit work for me?  No.

Does it mean it will work for you?  Possibly.

If had worked for me, would that mean it will work for you?  Possibly.
You need an open mind to try this product.  Most people with an open mind were once closed minded.  That is, until they experienced something outside their beliefs that completely changed them.  The point is that you should simply observe my experience and decide whether you think it is worth a try.  Don’t mine or anyone else’s verdict be the final say.


If you are considered trying out The Allergy Kit, I suggest you consider how comfortable you are with the concepts of energy and meridians, and whether you are willing to truly put aside your skepticism for the possibility of getting better.  While I did not request a refund, my person-to-person talks with the owner left me with the impression that he would have honored one.

Also realize that the entire process should take around 2 weeks, though you really only have to spend 15 minutes or so per day.  The real challenge for many people will likely be the strict avoidance of certain foods, though this lasts 25 hours for most foods.

If this sounds interesting and has piqued your interest even a little, I suggest you take a look around the main site.


  1. Laura says:

    Hi! Hope you see this because I see it’s been nearly a year since you posted this article. I was intrigued by the allergykit so I was hunting down some reviews and happened onto yours. I have been using NAET treatments for almost a year now. One of the things that I discovered from my NAET practitioner is that our bodies are not always ready to be treated for a certain item until something else has been cleared. There can also be an issue with food combos. We don’t grab a handful of flour and eat that off the spoon. So when we eat bread we are eating grains, fats and sugars, not to mention yeast. So…. Maybe retry the vials in different combinations and even if with the laser you are required to abstain do it anyway for the 25 hours. Also true to NAET maybe stay in contact with the item for the 20 minutes. If you try these things let us know if it makes a difference for you.


    • admin says:

      Hi Laura, I have already sent my vials back to the vendor (but without asking for a refund, since it’s been well over the refund period). After trying this kit, I actually did over 60 treatments with NAET (3x a week for months), with decent results. As strange as it might sound, what really ended up solving my digestive issues was numerous enemas and eating healthy. Of course we are all different, so what works for you/me may not work for someone else :)

  2. Laura says:

    sorry…. “not required to abstain”…

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